I have been living my dream competing internationally since 2006, firstly for GB women's bobsleigh team then from 2009 for England Rugby. I am also passionate about motivating others to help them to unlock their full potential. I want my story to inspire them to be the best they can in life.




As a keynote motivational speaker I aim to share my personal and sporting journey with you.

I aim to share my experience on and off the field to inspire my audience, and to challenge your thinking. I deliver talks to a wide verity of people ranging from corporate businesses to schools where I reflect on my life and my career focusing on what drove me and motivated me through some of the toughest parts of my career.

The topics I cover include team performance and dynamics, understanding pressure, overcoming obstacles, challenging leadership styles and challenging perceptions and the importance of culture. 

To book me as your next keynote speaker, please email me at igniteperformance@heatherfisher.co.uk


Strength and conditioning

Personal programs for athletes as young as 9 years old are designed by understanding the physical demands of each individual with a goal to improve their performance. I specialise in the person as an individual focusing on movement patterns, skills specific or fitness specific sessions. The aim is to boost confidence, improve lifestyle and overall results. Over the years I have worked as a strength coach focusing on movement patterns and young elite athletes. At present I am completing a MSc in Strength and Conditioning which is contributing further to my knowledge in athletic development. 

Other areas of interest are:

  • Boot-camps Groups/Individual

  • 1-1 sessions Personalised, tailored and unique!

  • Nutrition guidance/seminars

  • Workshops - to coaches, teachers, young athletes, including parents.



 As an established Youth Sports Trust mentor for Sky Sports Living I spent a number of years delivering mentoring programs within schools. I use the lessons I have learnt through my journey to help young people to develop their life skills, build their confidence and achieve their full potential. 

Watching young people turn lives around and to be part of that process gives me a great sense of achievement and pride.



BE BRAVE. BE Bold. Be You.

Work hard, Be tenacious, Believe in Yourself.